One upon a time, there was an old man and old woman. They live happily in a middle of jungle. No one know them and no one take them as a friends. Even the old man and old woman has nobody, but they are happy with their live. An old man have a supportive wife and an old woman have a hard working husband.

Everyday they work hard to make sure they are not starving. They have a small garden behind of their house. They plant lot of vegetables such as long bean, chilli and more others. Everyday they take a look of their garden. The garden look neatly with the row of vegetables. When harvesting time arrived, they are together harvest their vegetables.

The old man and old woman has a small house make from wood. From the outside view, the house is look as a very old house but there are so beautiful from the inside. The furniture are nicely arranged. That arrangement make their house look large and not crowded. Most of the furniture is made from the wood. The bed, the dining table and the cupboard are made from wood.

to be continue...