evening all..have a nice day today! y? have a good sleep..enough energy to laugh..and enough food la..just came back from Vibration's class. a bored one! y? ask yourself. most of my friends 'lost' in that class..also same with me.. 2 hours class is like 2 days class with nonstop. the brain jammed.the eyes blur.the stomach 'singing'..everyone is waiting for the clock reaching to number 5..give us a sign to packing the things...go back and sleep! the Gambang's members 'berlari-lari anak' to get the bus. a poor things. i hate waiting for the bus damn much. under a hot sun.lot of peoples.so so tired.. so, staying at hostel is like a gift to me. i can called it 'gift' in a weekdays but i can called it 'hell' in a weekends. so hard to get out to town.no place to heading. no track to jogs.no fun at all. especially for a girl like me without own transport. huhu.. i want a bicycle! i want a motorcycle! i want a car! hehe... demanding one..get one sugar daddy la to get that. i can get whatever that i want...or maybe a boyfriend at campus. can take me out for dinner..for lunch..for shopping..:) love it!hihi...talk about boyfriend..i have lot of boyfriends but i have only 1 for the true one..i'm loyalty person laa.. yesterday is our anniversary.like a married person.so annoying...hihi..owh, my lappy shows the time, 6.03pm...i have to stop now. i feel like i want to 'bluekkk' because this time my post is in English. soo annoying again..ok bye all!