last couples of day,
i had struggle with my emotion
happy, sad, excited

happy when my beloved person make me smile
sad when my beloved person make my tears down
excited when my beloved person teach me how to survive

lots of thank to you all
now, i know who i really am
i am still learning
learning about life
learning about the future

but the one that never and never will forget
He will guide me to all the matters
give all when He want to
Syukran O Allah

"Cintailah sekadarnya dan bencilah sekadarnya, sungguh telah berlebihan suatu kaum dalam cinta kemudian mereka menjadi hancur kerananya, dan telah berlebihan suatu kaum yang lain dalam membenci kemudian mereka menjadi binasa."

euwww...i like that phase..thanks to ...(forgot already =_=')
love to being the lover!
but not to be overlover @_@

** just had some relax sessions with my classmates.cycling is the best!